Our Story

The backpack, as a necessity in our life, is often habitually neglected. It seems that it has evolved to become a storage container for computers, books, stationery, luggage, sundries, etc. We expect it to be strong and durable, comfortable to use, reasonably designed, and preferably beautiful, well-made, and unique, and the backpack is now a category in our "broad fashion."

The concept for Dommei was born in 2020 during a thought-provoking conversation regarding "innovation" amid a worldwide shutdown due to the pandemic. As we navigated our home lives, we found ourselves reevaluating fundamental aspects such as space, communication, creativity, and personalization. This period of isolation brought to mind the first World Expo held in London in 1851, where the famous "Crystal Palace'' showcased the world's most advanced industrial products of that time. Inspired by the concept of a "Dome," we created our ideal space called "Dommei'' by adding the personalized letter "i."

Philosophy, Goals, and Vision

The brand Dommei is built on three key principles: "create," "fun," and "share."
Our ultimate goal is to create a product that consumers will enjoy and share with others. We want our customers to have fun using our product and to encourage them to create their own unique toys, all while carrying their Dommei with them and sharing it with the world.

Interesting Creations to Share, Share Interesting Creations

To provide a more personalized and enjoyable experience, Dommei has introduced products that can be hand-painted, allowing consumers to express their artistic intuition and create unique works of art to decorate their Dommei space. We have also developed customizable display boards and products, allowing consumers to purchase a product and upload their chosen image. We will then customize the product to their specifications, creating a truly one-of-a-kind backpack.

The first generation of Dommei's backpacks, known as the "Domepak," have finally arrived. The Domepacks are made with high-density nylon fabric, waterproof zippers, reinforced backpack straps, breathable and shock-absorbing sponge, and a strengthened transparent PVC outer shell. These high-quality materials significantly enhance the durability and comfort of our product. Our backpacks offer abundant storage for daily necessities, while the transparent outer display can be easily changed to reflect our current mood or chosen theme.

The Window to The Flourishing World

Dommei is a new brand with an open mind, but also with an open mind to cooperate with partners from all walks of life, to walk with like-minded partners, to learn and grow together with users.

Let's open a few more windows to the flourishing world.

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