Looking for Creative Partner! Let’s Create a Unique Backpack!
Have you ever dreamed of creating a unique backpack? Dommei is launching an exciting project and is looking for ALL potential creative people! Use our backpack’s display window to showcase your UNIQUE CREATIONS. Whether it's painting, creating spatial installations, or crafting handmade items, if you can turn a backpack window into a masterpiece, you're the perfect candidate! Let's create something different together!
  • Use our portal to upload and adjust your design image on the Dommei Custom Domepak Kit.
  • We print your design and deliver the kit to your home.
  • Ship your kit in 5 business days, assemble it easily, and enjoy your custom backpack.
  • This is completely free! We will send you a free code that you can use at checkout to redeem your free backpack.
Something About This Event
Join us in creating a unique backpack with Dommei! Express your creativity and personality with a customized backpack that tells your story.
  • Unique Design:

    Do you want a one-of-a-kind backpack? Have you ever imagined what it would look like? Join us, share your ideas, and let's create a unique backpack together!
  • Personal Showcase:

    An interesting backpack can have a portable showcase that tells a story and showcases your personality. Customize the back panel theme, connect toys or small items, and easily change the content to express your current mood.
  • Collaborative Creation:

    We are excited to meet creative individuals and create a backpack with a story together. Let the backpack carry some stories and showcase your personality.
Call out all the potential artists, Let's Create, Share, and Have some Fun.
At Dommei , we believe that every artist deserves a canvas that travels the world, and what better canvas than a backpack? Whether you're a painter, a digital artist, or someone who loves mixed media, we have opportunities for you to leave your mark in the fashion world.
About The Dommei
The Window to The Flourishing World Dommei is a new brand with an open mind, but also with an open mind to cooperate with partners from all walks of life, to walk with like-minded partners, to learn and grow together with users. Let's open a few more windows to the flourishing world.
"There are billions of backpacks but only one Dommei that’s truly yours. Champion your personal brand with a design that no one else carries. Durable, functional, and with a print that pops, your Dommei backpack isn’t just one in a million – it’s one of one."
What Users Are Saying
Quiet the noise of conformity with a backpack as unique as your voice. Customize yours at Dommei and let your style do the talking
"The streets are talking, and they say Dommei’s custom backpacks are where it's at! The Lakers design I got is fire – the artwork pops, the material is top-tier, and it fits all my hooping gear without issue. Rolling up to the court with this bag makes me feel like a part of the Lakers legacy. For any baller out there looking to flex their fandom, Dommei is the way to go!"

Tyrell J.

March 23, 2024

"I never imagined I could wear my favorite painting, but Dommei made it happen. The 'Starry Night' print on my backpack is mesmerizing, and the whimsical addition of a Mario-like character brings such a unique charm to it. The craftsmanship is impeccable – it’s not only a functional backpack but a conversation starter. Plus, it arrived quicker than I expected. Highly recommend Dommei for anyone who loves to stand out!"

Mia T.

March 21, 2024

"When I personalized my backpack with a character that took me straight back to my gaming days, I didn’t expect the result to be so vibrant! The Mario-esque figure looks incredible against the red background – it’s as if he’s ready to jump off the backpack. The material is durable, which is great because I plan on using this backpack for a long time. Kudos to Dommei for a five-star product!"

Samantha G.

March 15, 2024

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we adore your unique content and see a great fit for collaboration! We'd love to gift you a unique backpack for a fun content video, plus a 20% commission and a free sample!
1.Important Instructions Before Placing Your Order (Read Before Placing Order)
***NOTICE TO CONSUMER *** *Dommei offers a customized board printing service. *However, due to the nature of the materials and the size of the board, the final printout may vary and might not be identical in shape or color shade. *Furthermore, Dommei requires all users to ensure that this service is used solely for personal purposes, not for commercial use, and warrants that the user has all necessary licenses for any copyrighted content used. *Dommei reserves the right to turn down any order that violates its policy or any law.

2.How can I join the Dommei Affiliate Program and get free products?

You have two options to join our affiliate program and earn a 20% commission:

 TikTok Affiliate Program: Click on this link to join via TikTok. Alternatively, search for "Dommei Inc" on TikTok, find our account, click on our products, and add them to your showcase to start earning.

Dommei Website Affiliate Program: Visit this link to apply through our website. You will receive a special link. When customers purchase through your link, you will earn a 20% commission.

3.What is the shipping time for my order?

For custom products, it takes up to 5 days to complete the production. After that, you will receive your product within an additional 4-7 days.
4.How do I place an order and submit my custom design for a backpack on TikTok Shop? (For your Tiktok Customer Only)
To place your order and submit your custom design, follow these steps: Place Your Order: Choose your backpack model and proceed to checkout. After completing your purchase, click 'Chat' on TikTok Shop to contact us and share your custom design. Ensure your image is in JPEG or PNG format and measures at least 3000x6000 pixels. Submit Your Design: Upload your design directly via chat. The file should be between 1MB and 10MB to ensure optimal quality and compatibility. No Image Submitted: If no image is submitted with your order, we will include a custom whiteboard, backpack, and a universal hook in your package. Confirmation and Production: We will confirm receipt of your design and begin production within 5 business days. Track Your Order: You can track your custom backpack shipment via the tracking number provided on TikTok Shop. Final Assembly: Upon receiving your product, you can assemble the custom board with the backpack in just 5 minutes following the instructions included.

5.Do customers who click on my affiliate link get any discounts?

Yes, customers using your affiliate link can enjoy a 10% discount on their first order with the code: ZC10J7FFGV8G. For more discounts, please reach out to us at info@dommei.com.