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Inviting Users to Share and Offering Rewards for Sharing

Dommei's products are highly personalized, with the goal of providing each user with their own unique backpack. These backpacks include a distinct combination of products, novel settings, exquisite artworks, meaningful mementos, stunning paintings, and countless ingenious displays. Dommei is eager to offer more opportunities for users to showcase their creations and is thus launching a call for submissions from our users.

Share your Photos & Videos

We hope you can share your "Dommei Space" with us through photos, videos of your work, or videos documenting the creation process. After a thorough brand review, Dommei will showcase selected works on our official media platforms, initiate a fan voting event, and reward the most popular works based on the voting results."

  • Space Domepak Kit - Dommei Inc.
  • Ocean Domepak Kit - Dommei Inc.
  • Domepak Backpack.
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